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Twitter bans ads that challenge the science of climate change

Twitter’s announcement on Earth Day comes as the network tries to fend off an unwelcome buyout from billionaire businessman Elon Musk, who believes users should be able to express what they want on the web. platform.

“Misleading ads on Twitter that contradict the scientific consensus on climate change are prohibited, in line with our policy on inappropriate content,” Casey Junod, the company’s global sustainability executive, said via the platform’s blog.

“We believe that climate change denialism should not be monetized on Twitter, and such dishonest advertising should not undermine important discussions about the climate crisis,” he added.

Last year Twitter introduced a topical feature that helps users find conversations about climate change, and deployed “credible and authoritative” information hubs on a list of high-profile topics including the science behind climate change.

“We recognize that misleading climate information can undermine efforts to protect the planet,” Junod said.

“Now more than ever, meaningful climate action, from everyone, is crucial.”

As tempting as it is to gain access to Musk’s fortune, Twitter is not keen on being under the direction of the tycoon known for going straight to the point without weighing the consequences too much.

The platform has taken steps to prevent Musk from taking control of all Twitter shares, as concerns about the direction he could give the company’s management outweigh the reward offered.

In early April, Musk made an unsolicited $43 billion offer to buy the social network, saying he wanted to give it greater freedom of expression.

Musk advocates a non-moderation approach to content, a particularly sensitive issue in the profiles of famous personalities such as former US President Donald Trump, who was banned from the network following the storming of Capitol Hill by his supporters who opposed the results of the presidential elections of November 2020.

But Musk’s campaign has also raised concerns among free-speech tech pundits who point to Musk’s unpredictable statements and track record of criticism, which contradict his stated goals.

The entrance Twitter bans ads that challenge the science of climate change was first published in diary TODAY.

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