Twenty-seventh March of Silence for truth, memory and never again

Twenty-seventh March of Silence for truth, memory and never again

After two years as a result of the measures ordered by the health emergency, this Friday, May 20, a new March of Silence will be held in person again.

This edition, the twenty-seventh, will have its usual route in Montevideo for July 18, in addition to 35 mobilizations in all the departments of the interior of the country and different commemorative activities in twelve other countries.

In the city of Colonia, the call is for 6:30 p.m., in Plaza Dr. Alberto Boerger, with a march that will travel through the main arteries to reach the Esplanade of the Intendancy in General Flores corner Alberto Méndez.

“For truth, memory and never again we march in silence on May 20 in tribute to the victims of the military dictatorship and in repudiation of human rights violations. The tribute to the victims cannot be other than the recognition through the truth of the facts, the recovery of the memory and the demand that in Uruguay there will never again be torture, executions and the forced disappearance of people…”, can be read on the organization’s website in reference to the public call that took place in May 1996 and that led to the first March of Silence.

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