Tupamaro ratifies his support for the Bolivarian Revolution

The militants and leaders of the revolutionary movement political organization tupamaropresented the statutes and conclusions of the conference held in Caracas, where they ratified their support for the Bolivarian Revolution, according to their national secretary general, Williams Benavides, during the National Secretariat that brought together all the authorities of the political party, the regional leadership, mayors, national and regional deputies.

In their social media accounts, those responsible for the party celebrated the elaboration of new Statutes and Regulations, with the participation of the Regional Directorates and spokespersons for the militancy throughout the country, in what they called a “Collective Construction”.

“We developed the entire programmatic line, the discussions with proposals, deployed throughout the national territory in the integral defense of the Bolivarian Revolution,” he advanced in statements to Venezuelan Television (VTV).

He explained that for months, the party carried out the expanded regional secretariats to choose the three base delegates for each entity that came to the national event. The activity allowed consigning the proposals of each one of the states, an approach and a counter-proposal and the deliberation in consensus.

“From the point of view of the government, it is that: the proposal, the counterproposal, the observation, the development of the political plans where we are, as councilors, regional deputies, national deputies, mayor, minister, all together, in support of the issue of the management of the Bolivarian Revolution”, he pointed out.

Support for the Bolivarian Revolution ratifies Tupamaros
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