La dirigencia campesina respalda a Choquehuanca (Foto: Max Cachaca)

Tupac Katari peasants send a message to the MAS: "making schools of leaders is not a crime"

July 5, 2022, 10:36 PM

July 5, 2022, 10:36 PM

The leadership of the 20 provinces of La Paz, grouped around the Tupac Katari peasant federation, sent a clear message to the MAS leaders that prohibited the formation of new political cadres from the Vice Presidency, there will be more training centers in all towns.

Surely there are some misgivings about brother David (Choquehuanca), it is not like they say, like they criticize, we as a department of La Paz yes or yes we are going to implement training leaders schools there will be in the 20 provinces of the department of La Paz”, declared Pablo Vásquez Flores, director of the organic commission of the peasants.

The extended MAS of June 23 decided to “respectfully” ask the vice president, paralyze the implementation of the schools of leaders that promotes the vice presidency, they even came to the warning that Choquehuanca could be expelled if he continues with that task.

“The trainings in the country, in the department of La Paz, have to be, because new young leaders have to emerge, doing training is not a crime brothers”, said the peasant leader and declared that this was one of the requests to the second president.

The MAS accuses Choquehuanca of promoting internal division with those courses. According to the statements of Gerardo García (vice president of the MAS), the promoters of these courses tell them that they belong to the MAS, but that in the seminars they tell them that there must be a renewal in the main leadership.

Now, the peasants pledged their support to the vice president and warned that they will not allow the destabilization of the Government. “We are very proud that our jilata David is as vice president, he is our Aymara who always speaks in Quechua or Aymara,” said Luciano Escobar, departmental executive of the peasants.

In this way, the Lucho-David binomial achieved the unconditional support of the peasants; weeks ago, on June 20 it was the turn of the people from El Alto that gathered around the Assembly of the Alteñidad, determined to support the central government and warned the coca growers of the Chapare to refrain to condition the Executive.

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