Tuesday there will be tolerance for Todos Santos and Wednesday, All Souls' Day, is a national holiday

Tuesday there will be tolerance for Todos Santos and Wednesday, All Souls’ Day, is a national holiday

October 31, 2022, 5:30 PM

October 31, 2022, 5:30 PM

Despite the strike due to the 2023 census, the population will be able to go to the cemeteries from tomorrow. The Ministry of Labor reported that on November 1 there will be tolerance for public sector workers from noon and Wednesday, November 2 is a national holiday, as it is the Day of the Dead.

The reason for the tolerance in an exceptional way, from noon this Tuesday, is to “revalue the cultural practices of the country,” says the statement from the Ministry of Labor.

For this date, the population prepare tables full of breads and special pastries, the favorite dishes of their loved ones who have passed away and they receive them with fruit and flowers to welcome them.

The statement issued by the General Directorate of Labor, Hygiene and Occupational Safety establishes that in the private sector tolerance must be agreed between employers and workers considering their modalities and work schedules.

All Saints and Day of the Dead

For All Saints the church celebrates a feast solemn for all the deceased who, having overcome purgatorythey have sanctified themselves totally, they have obtained the beatific vision and enjoy eternal life in the presence of God. That’s why it’s All Saints’ Day. It is not only celebrated in honor of the blessed or saints who are on the list of those canonized and for whom the Church celebrates on a special day of the year; It is also celebrated in honor of all those who are not canonized, but they already live in the presence of God.​​

The Day of the Dead, or Day of the Dead, is a pre-Hispanic celebration, that is, prior to the influence of Catholicism in America, and It is a way to honor all the souls that changed the earthly world, for that of the spirits.

The holiday of this Wednesday is arranged in the supreme decrees 22352 of October 27, 1989 and 2750 of May 1, 2016.

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