TSJE official deceased: autopsy confirms death by inhalation of toxic smoke

TSJE official deceased: autopsy confirms death by inhalation of toxic smoke

The version that the fire that consumed a part of the TSJE building was provoked remains latent 24 hours after the episode.

The Lt. Ángel Gill, from the Paraguayan Volunteer Firefighters Corps (Plaza de las Américas headquarters in the capital) pointed out that his group was the first to arrive at the TSJE from where the request for help was launched in the face of the fire that broke out.

“We arrived in five minutes, the fire was already very intense by then. I have been a firefighter for 22 years. I did not get a fire as big as this one, where officials were already evacuating the place. I don’t know if the word would be weird but, it’s very striking to me,” Gill said.

“It cannot be confirmed or ruled out, but that will be defined by the experts,” the firefighter replied when told about the versions that speak of the fire being caused.

Regarding this hypothesis, together with the one they point out about the use of an accelerator that does not give off an odor, Lieutenant Gill stated that there are fuels with these characteristics, but again he invoked the specialists as the ones who should define that.

Once the fire was put out, he added, there was some evidence that there were people, officials, who tried to fight the fire, but without positive results.

“In the area where I was, there were 4 fire extinguishers already fired. Attempts were made to put out the fire,” he stated.


Another group that will venture into the expert opinion of the fire, to determine whether or not it was accidental, is that of the SAECA Paraguayan Insurance Company, which maintains the insurance for the TSJE building.

Francisco Aguilera, legal representative of the firm, said that along with the Public Ministry, they will have their experts to define the nature of the episode.

“The Prosecutor’s Office also has its experts who will be analyzing. We are also going to put the experts in this type of situation,” Aguilera told 730 AM.

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