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TSJ analyzes demand of a prisoner who is still imprisoned even with a release ticket

A prisoner sued the Minister for the Penitentiary Service, Mirelys Contreras for allegedly keeping him imprisoned even when a court granted him freedom, according to the sentence No. 0340 of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, drafted by the Judge Tania D’Amelio.

The lawsuit was filed by Enderson Asdrúbal Ulloa Díaz in October 2021, because on September 10 of that same year, the 8th Execution Court of the Caracas Metropolitan Area issued a release ticket for having served the sentence imposed. In that case, the sentence was 5 years in prison for the crime of qualified homicide with treachery to the degree of not necessary accomplice.

The prisoner went first to the Caracas Court of Appeals, an instance that declared itself incompetent to resolve the amparo action in the habeas corpus modality (release) filed by Ulloa Díaz.

Consequently, the Court of Appeals forwarded the file on October 13, 2021. And on July 13, the Constitutional Chamber accepted such plea and declared itself competent to resolve the amparo.

“Now, this Constitutional Chamber, for the purposes of ruling on the constitutional amparo action against the Minister of Popular Power for the Citizen Penitentiary Service Mirelys Zulay Contreras Moreno, for the alleged illegitimate deprivation of liberty of citizen Enderson Asdrúbal Ulloa Díaz… considers it pertinent make use of the power that is given to the constitutional judge, to require the information that is necessary or request it ex officio when he deems it pertinent for the resolution of the case submitted to his knowledge, ”says the sentence.

Given such consideration, the magistrates ordered the 8th Court of Execution of Caracas, which, within five days of its notification, send information in a certified copy “if the released release ticket dated September 10, 2021, under number 056-21, was effectively executed, due to compliance with the sentence imposed on citizen Enderson Asdrúbal Ulloa Díaz.”

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