Electoral Justice receives 28 thousand registrations of candidacy for the elections

TSE gives Bolsonaro defense deadline for accusations on September 7

Minister Benedito Gonçalves, from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), accepted last night (9) the opening of a lawsuit filed by the PDT against the slate formed by the candidate for reelection Jair Bolsonaro and Braga Netto, candidate for vice president. TSE gives Bolsonaro defense deadline for accusations on September 7

In the action, the party cites the alleged abuse of political and economic power in carrying out electoral campaign acts during the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil and asks for the cancellation of candidacy registrations or the declaration of ineligibility at the end of the process.

When analyzing the action, Benedito Gonçalves understood that the initial petition meets the requirements to be opened and granted a period of five days for the candidacies to present a defense.

“In the first analysis, the initial petition meets the admissibility requirements. Thus, I determine the summons of the defendants, so that they present a defense within five days. After that, the case files can be completed again”, decided the minister.

In an interview the day after the showsBolsonaro had already publicly spoken about the event and argued that there was a clear separation between institutional duty and campaign speech, so much so that he physically moved from the official platform to a sound car that was not part of the structure of the civic parade.

“What are you accusing me of? I was on the 7th of September here in Brasília, the parade ended, I took off the banner and went to the people. If any other candidate wanted to show up there, that was fine. It was not my act. It was an act of the population,” he argued.

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