Truckers’ unions and the Government establish work tables after a meeting in La Moneda: CNTC says they expect a State of Exception “without fine print”

Representatives of truckers unions held a meeting this Wednesday with the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalveand the undersecretary of Public Works, Joseph Herrera. At the meeting, they addressed security matters, linked to the Biobío and La Araucanía regions.

After the appointment, the president of the National Freight Transport Confederation (CNTC), Sergio Perezindicated that “we have established a table and goals, and we are going to continue to carry out this union work together with the government. We thank you for this call.”

However, he pointed out that “we need support for the Carabineros de Chile, the Investigative Police and particularly the Armed Forces so that the State of Exception that has been established is without fine print, without limited issues, for all events”.

Likewise, he said that “the situation experienced in the southern macro zone last night is really unlivable”, alluding to roadblocks carried out by unknown persons in the provinces of Malleco.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Confederation of Truck Owners (CNDC), Juan Araya, expects improvements in intelligence.

“If there is no intelligence we can have two military divisions inside and there will be no results, they have to locate the criminals just as they are located. (…) We have to locate, because that group is not that big, they are small groups that operate”, he commented.

“We wouldn’t need so much military, so much police, if we have a good intelligence service,” he added.

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