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Truck knocked down columns and left the Hippodrome neighborhood without power

Prosecutor Miguel Ángel Alvarenga filed an accusation against three alleged Brazilian assassins who would have attempted the life of a police chief, in the Juan León Mallorquín area, and required the preventive detention of all of them.

The defendants are identified as Adriano Benites Lima (40), who has a history of robbery and drug trafficking; Andrés Núñez Silva (18) and Wilson Francisco Neto Pinto (31), who face charges of attempted murder, criminal association and production of common risks. The first two were injured in a subsequent confrontation with police officers and are admitted to a care center under secure police custody.

The attack occurred on April 25, at 08:10 am, on Felipe Molas López street in the San Francisco neighborhood of the city of Juan León Mallorquín. The victim was Deputy Commissioner Fernando Ariel Ruiz Díaz Ortega (39), who serves as head of the “Tripartite Command” Investigation Directorate against organized crime.

According to the indictment, the law enforcement officer was driving along the aforementioned artery aboard his Toyota Fortuner truck, with HBG 801 license plate, and with about 20 meters left to return to Route No. 2, he was intercepted by a Hyundai Creta truck, colored gray, with WHFU 683 plate. Inside this vehicle were the defendants, who began to fire at the victim’s vehicle.

As a result of this situation, Ruiz Díaz Ortega got out of his vehicle and also responded with shots from his service weapon, until he took refuge in a nearby house. The attackers kept shooting until they fled. Meanwhile, the affected truck, which was running, ended up in a ditch on the side of the road.

The police chief, who emerged unharmed from the shooting, alerted his peers at the local police station, who intervened at the scene together with Criminalistics personnel from the National Police and the Public Ministry. Investigators detected 13 bullet impacts to the windshield, two to the front left fender, one bullet impact to the left front light assembly, and one to the front hood.

Later, the interveners began a search and found the truck used by the alleged criminals abandoned in a wooded area. Then, at approximately 12:10 p.m., the members of the public force located the alleged criminals, in a wooded place, between Paz del Chaco street and Potrero Jardín in the Toma Tajy neighborhood, about 12,000 meters from Route No. 2, of Majorcan.

There, there was an armed confrontation between the police and criminals, until they were reduced, two of them were injured. From the power of the same, an M4 type rifle, caliber 5.56 mm, with a charger and three bulletproof vests were seized.

Pursuing the investigation, a prosecutor-police delegation, accompanied by the local Justice of the Peace, Héctor Pastor Ibarra, proceeded to inspect a tenancy owned by Mrs. Regina Santacruz Franco.

On the site, Brazilians were renting a room for 200,000 guaraníes, since last April 2, according to the owner. Since that time, the suspects would have been following in the footsteps of the police officer with the intention of attempting on his life, apparently by order, according to the investigators.

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