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Tricolores and Barriojarenses want to wash their faces

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Date 10 of the Apertura 2023 tournament starts with a clash between teams that are tumbling.

In this sense, Tacuary changed coach again and, this time, Badayco Maciel will take the interim direction. Things are more unstable than ever with the three defeats in a row, the accusations between the staff and the manager Regis Marques and the average that is tightening.

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By your side, Pedro Sarabia’s Nacional is unable to keep up and moves away from the vanguard positions. The idea is to win and expect a combination of results that help you improve your situation. in the standings table.

Tacuary has not lost to Nacional, at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, since the 2010 season. The streak adds 2 victories (4-3, in 2011 and 2-1, in 2022). In Saxony there is parity between the barriojarense cadre and the albo. Between 2005 and 2022 they played 8 matches and the results were 3 victories for each club and 2 parities.

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The transmission goes through the screens of Tigo Sports and through Universo 970/Nación Media for radio listeners from all over the country.


40 matches (2004 – 2022)

13 victories for the Barriojarenses (35 goals)

7 draws

20 wins for La Academia (60 goals)


10/31/2022 (20th DATE, CLOSURE)

Tacuary 2-1 National

Stadium: Defenders of Chaco

Goals: Gustavo Aguilar and Marcelo Fernández (T); Danilo Santacruz, penalty (N).


Referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza.

Assistants: Eduardo Cardozo and Nadia Weiler.

Fourth referee: Gedidías Zacarías.

VAR: Carlos Paul Benitez.

AVAR: Nancy Fernandez.


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