Court sentenced former Disip accused of the Yumare Massacre

Trial ordered for accused of attempting to assassinate Gilberto Correa

The 6th Control Court of Caracas ordered the opening of a trial against Mariana Tania Giammarco Yanni, accused of attempted intentional homicide to the detriment of the entertainer Gilberto Correa, judicial sources said.

This decision was pronounced in the preliminary hearing held this Tuesday in the aforementioned court located in the Palace of Justice of Caracas.

During that hearing, prosecutor 152 Richard Hernández ratified the accusation against Giammarco Yanni, for the crimes of attempted intentional homicide and unlawful deprivation of liberty.

The Prosecutor explained that these crimes were allegedly committed by the defendant between 2021 and 2022 when Giammarco Yanni was in charge, with the authorization of his children, of caring for Gilberto Correa at his residence located in the Chulavista urbanization, Baruta municipality (Miranda).

The care work involved giving the television and radio man a medication prescribed by a neurologist. The doses caused Correa to be drowsy, a situation that was noticed by his friends.

As a result, Gilberto Correa went to the Public Ministry to raise the matter and from there they agreed to open an investigation.

As part of the investigation, Correa was subjected to an expert opinion at the Forensic Science Service, which revealed an alteration in the dose of the originally prescribed medication, according to what the Prosecutor stated at the preliminary hearing.

“Of 25 milligrams of Ketiapina prescribed, Gilberto was given 400 milligrams; dose that he can put an elephant to sleep, ”explained a judicial source.

The defendant’s defense attorney also spoke at the preliminary hearing to deny the accusation presented by the Public Ministry. The lawyer criticized the exposure of the case in the media and pointed out that his client was being defamed.

The criticisms of the defendant’s defense attorney were also directed at the Public Ministry “for its lack of diligence in investigating the fact.”

To close the hearing, the Court ordered the opening of a trial against Giammarco Yanni, who currently remains free.

As of that announcement, the file will be sent to a trial court in Caracas which will convene hearings to discuss the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office and evaluate whether or not a sentence is imposed on the accused woman.

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