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Trial for the frustrated kidnapping of Diosdado Cabello is resumed from scratch

Last Monday, the trial against eight people accused of allegedly planning to kidnap Diosdado Cabello and handing him over to the United States for the purpose of collecting a $10 million reward was restarted, according to judicial sources.

This trial had already started on August 16, 2021 but was interrupted on March 28, 2022 due to the rotation of Judge Mayra Febres by Laura Velásquez in the 4th Maturín Trial Court. From the first trial they held 21 sessions which do not count for this one, explained the source.

As a result, they ordered the entire trial against Luis Villarroel, Carlos Pérez, César Belfort, Daniel Aguilera, Víctor Farías, Francisco Marcano, Enrique Parada and José Cruz to start from scratch, held in the Oriente Penitentiary Center located in La Pica, Maturín ( Monagas). Gabriel Medina, the ninth defendant, died in prison on August 27, 2021 due to fluid retention.

At the start of the trial session, the defense attorneys for the group of defendants asked to avoid repeating the delays allegedly incurred in the past by operators of the justice system. Prosecutor Carlos Rodríguez ratified the accusation against the eight defendants, revealed the informant.

These people were arrested in April 2020 between El Furrial and Maturín.

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