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Tres Bocas: the loading of the slab on the roof of the tunnel begins

At the same time, ANDE and ESSAP are also working on the adaptation of the power line and the drinking water service, respectively, and with the conclusion of these adjustments, the project will continue according to schedule.

On the other hand, on the side of the lane with the Asunción – Ñemby direction, the construction of the concrete slab that forms part of the tunnel began. Once the metal formwork has been completed, the material that will form the roof of the structure will be loaded.

At the same time, the placement of the 1,500 and 600-millimeter pipes that will be connected to the new stormwater network of Acceso Sur, which will prevent rapids and accumulations of water in the area, is in the final stage.

The Essap works are 65% complete, while the electrical trenches, which will be for the medium voltage lines and are executed by Tecnoedil, are 95% complete. In addition, for the domain strip to be completely freed, it remains to remove about 12 ANDE posts.

When the works are finished, the users of some 45,000 vehicles will enjoy a higher speed of movement at the Tres Bocas point, while the neighbors will benefit from a series of improvements in the surroundings of the crossing.


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