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TREP: Santi and Cartes start first at the beginning of the scrutiny

As in the previous exit polls, in the fifth and last the advantage of the ‘Economist’ and ‘Albirroja 2010’ for the Presidency of the Republic and the Governing Board, respectively, is maintained.

According to the latest COIN exit cut for Media Nation, the Economist leads the votes with 56.4%, followed by the Pastorcito Catwalk with 39.0% and the remaining percentages of 4.1% for blank and 0.5% for others.

For the Governing Board, Albirroja 2010 closed with 56.1%, Disaster Ko with 37.3%, blank with 5.2% and others with 1.4%.

The figures were maintained throughout the day, practically unchanged in favor of the Economist and Albirroja 2010.

In it first cut the Economist had 55.5%; in the second 57.2%, in the third 56.6% and in the fourth 56.4%. Meanwhile he Pastorcito Pasarela arrived with 40.9%; in the second it dropped to 38.1 %, in the third it was 38.9% and the fourth was positioned at 39.1%.

Refering to Presidency of the Colorado PartyAlbirroja 2010 achieved 54.5% in the first cut, rose to 56.6% in the second, and in the third it was in 56.0% and in the room he kept 56.0%. While Disaster Ko had had the 39.5% and in the second it dropped to 36.5%, but in the third it went to 37.5% and in the fourth 37.5%.

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