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Tremendous explosion in the boiler of a sawmill in Coronel Oviedo

Around 12:30 this Friday there was a boiler explosion at the Terpar firm, located in the 12 de Junio ​​neighborhood of Coronel Oviedo, half a block from the Regional Hospital of that town.

Most of the employees were on their lunch break at the time of the explosion, although there were some who continued to work and were therefore affected.

The explosion was so powerful that it shook the windows and doors of the houses that are in the surroundings of the sawmill, according to the report of the area.

A failure in the pressure regulation of the boiler is handled as a possible cause, although the expertise must still be carried out by professionals to determine the specific circumstances.

Captain Javier Samudio, from the Coronel Oviedo Volunteer Fire Department, confirmed to C9N that the incident could be controlled and precautions have been taken to prevent a new explosion at the site.

In total, four people are reported injured, three company employees and a firefighter who was affected during the work to control the fire.

The entrance Tremendous explosion in the boiler of a sawmill in Coronel Oviedo was first published in diary TODAY.

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