Treasury justifies "swept" of idle accounts in the Federation Treasury

Treasury justifies "swept" of idle accounts in the Federation Treasury

Yorio stressed that they are going to try to make their management more efficient and that up to now there is no data on how many accounts are in this situation.

“The operations that are carried out through bank accounts by the Treasury are many, but if we think about how many collection operations are made and how many payments are made per day from the Treasury, which is one of the largest in Latin America, it is has to make efficient use of the payment system,” added Yorio.

Rule out impact on economic prospects by SVB

The Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O acknowledged that there will be changes in his growth prospects for Mexico in the pre-criteria and ruled out that the crisis of US banks will affect his economic forecasts.

“It is not clear if what happened with the American banks is going to give a signal (…) that is read in the market as jubilation, in which case we remain in the high growth range,” Ramírez de la O said in Press conference.

The secretary held a meeting with the media after having participated the day before in the Banking Convention and stressed that the Treasury will take into account the country’s internal demand.

“We are completing works, we are financing them, we are experiencing high occupancy levels in the industrial plant and in the labor sector, so these types of situations do not change overnight because they are internal market issues,” he said.

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