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Transtur boasts of its vehicles: “We have it all”

MADRID, Spain.- A little more than a month after the Cuban regime said that the current general transport situation in Cuba is marked “by a progressive deterioration of all capacities”, the Grupo Empresarial Transtur SA boasted of its fleet of vehicles intended for tourism.

In a publication Made this Thursday on social networks, the state agency Transtur shared images of a representation of its fleet, exhibited during these days at the 41st edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2023).

“With the Havana Bus Branch exposing a sample of the fleet of vehicles that provide services throughout the country. Choose a route, we have it all”, said Transtur, as a slogan.

In October 2021 Transtur SA was criticized by the Cubans when announcing the arrival at the port of Havana of 800 automobiles for tourism. In the publication in this regard, made from Facebook, hundreds of users contrasted the arrival of new vehicles for tourism with the economic crisis and the misery that exists in the country.

In February of this year, the Minister of Transportation of Cuba, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, during the official Round Table program stated: “The current general situation of transportation in Cuba is marked “by a progressive deterioration of all passenger transportation capacities and infrastructures during the last three years.”

According to his explanation, the crisis of transport, which spans decades, is due to the insufficient availability of freely convertible currency for the acquisition of spare parts, aggregates and components for maintenance and repair; to the lack of fuel and the poor condition of the roads in the cities and highways in the territories, including the National Highway and the Central Highway, which generates more breaks in the means of transport. Of course, the United States embargo was not lacking in the official discourse as another cause.

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