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Transplant Day: 250 patients are waiting, recipients give their testimonials

The director of the National Institute of Ablation and Transplantation (INAT), Dr. Gustavo Melgarejo, reported that this 2022 presents practically no variation in relation to 2021, in terms of the number of donations.

He indicated that the population must know the importance of this act of love, taking into account that recently, 10 families who had a brain-dead relative refused to have their organs reused.

Today there will be an act in commemoration of the National Transplant Day. It will be at the Paseo la Galería from 12:00 to 20:00 and patients who at the time benefited from transplants will participate. They will tell their testimonies about it.

“It is very difficult to put yourself in the place of a person who has lost a loved one, but you must always keep in mind that a decision can save another person’s life. The problem is that here in Paraguay there is still a lot of misinformation and it is our duty, as transplant recipients and doctors, to talk more about donation and transplantation,” says Tatiana Benítez de San Lorenzo, who received a heart at the age of six. Today she is 21 years old and she is grateful to the family that authorized the donation.

“I was transplanted on April 13, 2011 and thank God I am very well. I tell people to donate their organs to those who need them, in order to save the lives of people on the waiting list,” recalls Diego Vera (41), who received a kidney.

“When you decide to donate, you are giving a second chance at life to that person who is struggling day by day to survive,” says Luz Salinas (21), from San Ignacio Misiones, recipient of a kidney.

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