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April 10, 2023
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Tragedy in motel: Sexagenarian dies of a heart attack

Tragedy in motel: Sexagenarian dies of a heart attack

In full sexual act died this morning Luis Fernando González Ibarrola, in one of the rooms of the motel 59, located in the San Agustín neighborhood of the Mbayué de Limpio company.

The prosecutor Rubén Moreno mentioned in contact with 1020 AM that González He came to the establishment in the company of a woman, whose data is unknown, detailing that the forensic doctor Lourdes Saucedo diagnosed as a probable cause of death a “cardiogenic shock due to acute infarction”.

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Along these lines, he said that the relatives stated that the man for 20 years followed a medical treatment just for heart problems and that he did not take his medications before leaving the house, which are seven in total.

“The woman told the interveners that the Man suffered a heart attack in the middle of the sexual act. The relatives said that he did not take any of his medications, which are 7, which is why he suffered the accident,” the prosecutor pointed out.

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