Toxic foam emergency in Soacha

Toxic foam emergency in Soacha

Several families were caught in the middle of a gigantic layer of toxic foam that invaded the Villa Esperanza neighborhood of Soacha, Cundinamarca. The emergency was registered after the heavy rains that were registered during the night and that generated the overflow of a sewage stream which in turn caused the layer of fetid foam to affect more than 30 homes.

“The pipe began to come out of the channel around 6 in the afternoon, the dirty water began to overflow, and then that foam began to appear that covered everything,” Julio César Montes, a resident of the neighborhood, told RCN Mundo.

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Near 15 houses in the sector were not covered by the white layer, however from there the strong smell was perceived, there the owners of the properties They looked at the situation with concern.

“Thank God the downpour stopped, or else imagine the emergency we would be in. Here the contaminated water continues to come out of that stream, these odors are very harmful to children and the elderly,” said another of the residents.

Registered a few weeks ago a similar emergency in the municipality of Mosquera Due to the overflow of the Balsillas River, the toxic foam invaded several streets. According to environmental authorities, the phenomenon is due to the amount of soaps, detergents, and other chemicals that are flushed into the sewer system and end with pollute water tributaries such as rivers and streams.

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The Soacha Fire Department arrived at the scene of the emergency and evaluated the amount of water coming out of the channel and the level of the foam. In the municipality that borders Bogotá, there were various emergencies due to flooding and waterlogging product of the downpour that was recorded during the afternoon and night.

“We have already We have asked the Mayor to fix this problem for us but they do nothing, other times Similar situations have occurred but this time the foam grew a lot,” explained Juana Beltrán, another of those affected.

for now There is no official balance of the people and houses affected, The municipal authorities are expected to issue a report on the situation that affected dozens of families in Soacha.

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