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Tourists should record the Cuban reality and show it to the world

Madrid Spain.- Cuban activist Saily González raised the idea that tourists on the island record the difficult economic and social situation that Cubans suffer, as a way to show the reality of Cuba and deny what the regime “sells”.

“Can you imagine that it became a trend among tourists who visit Cuba to record our reality and show the world the misery and degradation as far as socialism has taken us?”, González expressed in Facebook this Tuesday.

Although he did not explain the reason for its publication, the comments to the post refer directly to the video shared the day before by the Spanish influencer Rosa Martorell, where she showed the very unhygienic process of distributing milk in Cuba.

The idea of ​​the opposition from Santa Clara was supported by different users.

“Hopefully everyone will do it and stop buying and renting false realities,” said Pedro Pablo Perdomo Pérez.

For his part, Ernesto Melissa Alfonso pointed out that it would be a way for “the world to realize that Cuba is not Varadero, that there is a dictatorship in Cuba and that socialism is a failure.”

While Tatiana Finales pointed out: “A self-respecting tourist should do it,” since they “sell” Cuba “as a paradise for them and in reality it is our hell.”

However, others like Julio Romero Muñoz were less hopeful.

“The dictatorship will not be upset by that. The reality of Cuba has exploded in international public opinion for many years. Nor will outsiders do anything. Those things no longer have any effect and the outside world has lost interest in the Cuba question. Look at Putin as he exterminates the people of Ukraine and nothing happens. The only positive thing would be that these films were aimed at weakening the interest of tourists in visiting Cuba. Because they are not going to do anything else, neither the United Nations nor any country is going to put the spoon. Cuba needs a more determined popular civic action”, considered Romero Muñoz.

The video recorded by Rosa Martorell during her recent vacation in Trinidad showed the moment in which the milk that Cubans buy through the supply book was transferred from the tanker truck to plastic tanks with a very dirty hose.

“This is the reality of a communist country like Cuba, repression, water shortages, milk shortages, which arrive at 1 in the morning and arrive dirty,” Martorell denounced.

Also this April, the Colombian influencer Yina Calderón, documenting her time in Havana, expressed through Instagram: “The situation is really sad. Here they live to live and that’s it. There is no dream here, no goal.”

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