Tourist Green Stamp

Tourist Green Stamp

Ministry of Tourism promotes sustainable actions in the sector

The Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera participated in the launch of the Green Tourism Seal at the Sustainable Expo. The distinction will recognize at least 4% of accommodation establishments that manage to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2025. In addition, tourism initiatives are promoted to promote the sector and as a tool for sustainable development.

The event was witnessed by the Minister of the Environment, Robert Bouvier, authorities from both ministries and representatives of the sector.

Viera explained that the Green Tourism Seal (STV) was created to complement Uruguay’s commitment, assumed in the Paris Agreement in 2016, linked to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. He stressed that for companies this distinction means an incentive.

The tool seeks to recognize at least 4% of accommodation establishments that manage to reduce emissions by 2025, he said.

In the same sense, a competitive fund was also presented to strengthen the offer in rural and natural spaces.

The call seeks the incorporation of new ventures and the improvement in the quality of the services and products that are already in operation. The prizes reach an amount of up to 500,000 pesos and include instances of training and technical support.

Surveys show that, globally, people seek experiences in rural and natural spaces. This initiative accompanies that movement and Uruguay, once again, has its doors open, Viera said.

Bouvier, meanwhile, highlighted the joint actions carried out by both portfolios.

He added that, in Uruguay, the Executive Power prioritizes and prioritizes environmental policies.

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