Touring Colombia by bike: Unmissable destinations for cycling lovers [EMBARGADA]

The Chicamocha canyonconsidered a geographical accident, is nominated to become one of the 7 wonders of the world and it can offer a demanding route for cyclists because it is, on average, approximately two kilometers deep and 227 kilometers long.

Where to stay?

Although these are routes of great scope and dedication, rest is essential to be able to finish it. Therefore, the platform airbnb shares four places in these destinations to rest.

In the case of the coffee region, a cabin in Finland he gets the applause for his great view. Also, near the Poblado in Medellin you can find a condominium luxury and in which you can see the entire city of eternal spring.

In Boyacá, meanwhile, the Marine House, in a rustic style, can be your lodging for the great journey. Finally, in Santander you can find Breeze Glampinga place full of magic and a lot of style.

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