Total sales on the day without VAT exceeded $10 billion

Total sales on the day without VAT exceeded $10 billion

Sales of $10.61 billion and a report of 7,270,181 transactions through electronic invoicing It was the general balance of the second day without VAT of the year that was fulfilled this Friday, June 17.

(On the day without VAT, 1.7 million digital transactions were made).

The figure met the expectations announced by Fenalco’s unionized merchants, They had estimated between $9 and $10 billion on this day, the last to be carried out during the government of President Iván Duque.

According to the data from the Dian Electronic Invoice system, these figures represent an increase of 16.6% in value and 6% in the number of transactions compared to the first day of the day without VAT of 2022 that was carried out on the past 11 of March.

“The result leaves us very satisfied because it gives dynamism to commerce, industry, job creation and collection in the country. This confirms that the days without VAT became one of the most successful instruments of the government of President Iván Duque to move from reactivation to sustained economic growth”, stated the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana Villalba.

The minister pointed out that these values ​​are preliminary and are subject to adjustments for future inclusions of credit or debit notes and reports that are made in the next two weeks, for electronic commerce and billers declared in contingency.

(How to request changes of products purchased on the day without VAT).

According to the Dian report, among the items covered by the exemption with the greatest increase in sales compared to the first day without VAT this year are: Sound and video equipment and devices with a variation of 54.0%; sporting goods with 44.9%; footwear and leather goods with 44.8%; computers, peripheral equipment with 40.3% and clothing with 32.0%.

By region, Dian’s Electronic Invoicing System reported that during this day sales in Antioquia registered an increase of 55.66%, in Cundinamarca 34.93%, in Santander 22.38%, in Bogotá with 13, 86% and in Valle del Cauca 12.28%.

Faced with these results, the director of the Dian, Lisandro Junco Riveira, highlighted that on this second Day without VAT of the year, the number of sales per number of electronic invoices grew more than on the first day of the year 2022.

“The figures are proof of the success of this eighth day without VAT: $10.6 billion in sales, and 7,270,181 electronic invoices registered and audited by our system. This allows us to affirm that Colombians are better informed and encouraged to take advantage of this tax benefit, and Dian, with its technological transformation and intelligent management, has responded in an agile and close manner to citizens and merchants”, indicated the director of the Dian.

For his part, the president of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal, highlighted the success of the day that exceeded the expectations of the merchants.

“We send a thank you to all the Colombians who took advantage of and appropriated this wonderful instrument to buy more economically, in all strata, in all the cities and municipalities of Colombia. Likewise, our recognition to the merchants for their organization, good service and the best disposition to serve all customers; to the Government for being a partner in this important instrument that has not only helped to reactivate the economy, but also tax collections for sales that are not exempt from VAT”, said the union leader.


Sales through digital channels reached $678.6 billion during this day, with 1.7 million approved transactions, according to the report of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce. The union highlighted the growth in the use of debit cards as a means of payment for e-commerce consumers.

“The behavior of electronic commerce during the second VAT exemption date of the year was positive. We will continue working so that the industry offers safe and satisfactory shopping experiences every day and during the sales activation days that are coming “assured the president of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, María Fernanda Quiñones.

As in previous years, electronic commerce and electronic invoicing systems performed optimally to guarantee the massive purchases that were reported during the day.

For the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Carmen Ligia Valderrama Rojas, this good sales performance in electronic commerce “It means that we are increasingly connected to the digital world in every way. At the MinTIC we extend a special invitation to entrepreneurs and businessmen in the country to join our sell digital program, entering, an initiative that is essential for them to increase the profitability of their businesses.”


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