Total blackout announced in Santa Fe due to closures in East Panama and impossibility of fuel dispatch

After five days of operational energy rationing actions in some Darién communities, citizens are informed that as of 9:00 a.m. this Tuesday, July 19, Santa Fe customers will be in total blackout, product of the closures on the Pan-American highway in the eastern part of Panama City that prevent fuel transport trucks from reaching the generation plants operated by IPSA.

7,501 families from the communities of Santa Fe, Piedra Candela, Santa Rosa, Sansoncito, Sansón, Belén, Quebrada Félix, Las Lajas, Las Peñitas, El Salto, Canglón, Arretí, La Moneda, San Vicente Nicanor, Bijagual will be affected. , Río Iglesias, Puerto Quimba, Meteti, Puerto Limón, San José, Buenos Aires, Cucunatí, Santa Rosa, Tamarindo and Zapallal; for the total blackout. Likewise, aqueducts, medical facilities and public entities located in these areas.

ENSA and IPSA have focused their efforts on the implementation of strategies to provide electricity service for as long as possible, despite the demonstrations and closures at different points; have made it impossible to receive fuel to guarantee the operation of the generating plants located in Santa Fe, Yaviza and Tortí. The latter will continue with the previously announced energy rationing measures.

On previous occasions, ENSA has urged dialogue and requested the opening of humanitarian corridors that allow the transfer of fuel loading vehicles and not affect the communities that are supplied by these generation plants, a request that is reiterated in order to avoid major effects on the communities of the province of Darién.

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