Toribio Castro's mother awards him a medal as mayor of Huancavelica

Toribio Castro’s mother awards him a medal as mayor of Huancavelica

The provincial mayor, Toribio Castro Cornejo began the morning of January 2 with a mass in the Cathedral of Huancavelica, celebrated by the bishop, Monsignor Carlos Salcedo Ojeda.

After the mass, the mayor and his entourage of councilors and officials went to the Celestino Manchego Muñoz Auditorium, where they held the swearing-in ceremony.

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Castro Cornejo first received the oath from the hands of his first alderman Elías Ramos; after that, he asked to receive the ribbon and medal that distinguishes him as mayor of Huancavelica from his mother, Mrs. Jacinta Cornejo, who publicly asked him to do a good job.

“Toribio, my son, I put this medal on you, so that you govern in the name of God”, was the mother’s simple but significant message to the Huancavelican burgomaster.

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During the ceremony, the burgomaster stressed that he will seek to carry out a management with transparency and that he will prioritize a management in search of a solution to the problems of solid waste and the lack of basic sanitation.

Toribio Castro's mother awards him a medal as mayor of Huancavelica

“I have words of gratitude to the people of Huancavelica, without their trust we could not be here, I ask for trust, and a little patience and tolerance, which we need to carry out the Huancavelica projects,” said the mayor.

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He added: “The problems that deserve attention right now are those of solid waste and basic sanitation, which we will work on together with the regional governor.”

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