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Topics most consulted by lawyers in Colombia: unfair dismissals top the list

Topics most consulted by lawyers in Colombia: unfair dismissals top the list

A university study revealed that More than 40% of the consultations that citizens make to lawyers in Colombia are related to pension issues, labor settlements, dismissals without justification and social security.

He analysis made to more than 2,000 people in the country from the year 2020 to date, evidenced that female heads of household between the ages of 20 and 48, they are the ones who come the most to these services.

Meanwhile, Close to 30% of the consultations are related to restitution of leased properties, executive processes for money loans, breaches of contracts and matters related to the protection of consumers processed before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

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Walter Peñuela, director of the legal office of the ECCI university, assured that “we can reach the conclusion that 40% the consultations that we attend are related to labor rights, that is, dismissal without just cause, pregnant women who have affiliation problems and all personal issues that include labor law”.

He added that “subsequently, we all have to do with private law consultations such as land restitution, executive processes where money is owed.”

The analysis revealed that 10% of the consultations are related to demands for food and visitation with minors and older adults.

The specialist pointed out that “in lower percentages we found cases related to gender violence, intrafamily violence and administrative processes.

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It concluded that “of the low-income people who come to the services of legal clinics, 55% are men, 40% women and 5% with diverse gender identity, demonstrating that in terms of issues related to advice and representation provided by the Clinic, the percentage of women is increasing”.

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