Tomás Frías case: homes are raided and documents are seized

Tomás Frías case: homes are raided and documents are seized

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Members of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) raided homes and seized documents from people who are detained in the Cantumarca prison in the framework of the attack on the student assembly of the Tomás Frías Autonomous University (UATF) which resulted in the death of four students and dozens of injuries.

The director of the anti-crime force, Nelson Pacheco, affirmed that the Public Ministry seized cell phones and documentation that are currently being valued and analyzed as part of the investigation of the event, according to El Potosí.

“There are some certificates that are empty and need to be filled. There are photocopies of cards. All the documentation is being analyzed”, the authority stated, although it specified that no chemical agents were found.

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According to the investigations, the gas grenade that was denoted inside the coliseum is triple action, a type of chemical agent used by the Bolivian Police and military.

Mauricio Quintanilla Rojas (25), Juan Ariel Quispe Mendoza (40), Milton Fuentes Apaza (35) and Manfred Flores Canaza (25) were charged with the alleged commission of the crimes of homicide, serious and minor injuries, possession, carrying and carrying illicit and illicit arms trafficking.

The explosion of a gas grenade, in the middle of a student assembly at the Tomás Frías University coliseum on May 9, generated a human avalanche that led to the death of university students Rayza Coque, Daniela Quetasi, Gladys Acuña and Jhoselyn Paita.

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