Toll refund: What is the schedule for the refund of 40% of your money?

Toll refund: What is the schedule for the refund of 40% of your money?

The announced that as of Monday, October 10, heavy cargo carriers and people carriers throughout the country can request a refund of 40% of the .

Said procedure can be carried out through the mobile application “Peaje 40″, which is available for free download on cell phones with Android system and will soon be implemented for iOS.

This digital tool will speed up the reimbursement process of 40% of tolls paid from September 1 to December 31 of this year, as established by emergency decree (DU) 021-2022. Next, find out what the deadlines are for requesting a refund of the money.

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What is the timeline for requesting a refund?

The MTC established the following schedule, so that carriers can submit their return request:

  • From October 10 to November 9, refunds of tolls paid during the month of September may be requested.
  • From November 10 to December 10, refunds of tolls paid during the month of October may be requested.
  • From December 11 to January 10, 2023, refunds of tolls paid during the month of November may be requested.
  • From January 11 to February 10, 2023, the refund of tolls paid during the month of December 2022 may be requested.

How to request a refund of 40% of tolls through the application?

  • Enter the the number of your DNI, which must be registered in the list of drivers of the MTC.
  • The screen will display a message warning that the information recorded is in the nature of a sworn statement, therefore, any false data will be sanctioned.
  • Immediately, the home screen of the application will open, where the data of the user, company, area, type of service will appear. In addition, in that menu, you will also see the “Register vouchers” button.
  • This last option is the one that carriers must choose to record the data of payments made at tolls: take a photograph of the payment receipt so that the image data is automatically recognized and, if the photo of the voucher is not clear, manually fill in the toll voucher data.
  • Click on the “Register voucher” button and that’s it, you will have completed the process.
  • The system will validate the fields entered, it will display the message “Proof registration successful”.

What are the requirements to access the 40% toll refund?

  • You must have valid qualifications as of August 13 of this year.
  • Provide the transportation service through authorized vehicles, complying with the terms of the authorization granted.
  • Issue electronic payment vouchers for the provision of the public land transport service for goods and the regular transport service for people. The regular transport service for people at the provincial level is exempt from this condition
  • The carrier must be registered with the status “active” and in the condition of “had” in its RUC.
  • You can only enjoy the benefit for payments for tolls whose payment receipts had been issued from September 1 to December 31, 2022.
  • Payments for tolls made in toll units managed by road infrastructure concessionaires or by Provías Nacional are considered.
  • Attach to the request the proof of payments issued by the tolls.

Also, keep in mind that to access the platform where they will present their request, the carrier must have:

  • With electronic box of the MTC. If you do not have access to the MTC electronic mailbox, go to the following link:
  • Have access to the list of drivers of the MTC.


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