Today the single dialogue table is resumed, but without the participation of the business sector

The single dialogue table, made up of representatives of social groups in the country and the Executive, will be resumed this Wednesday with four topics on the agenda: the cost of electricity, the crisis of the Social Security Fund, transparency and the fight against corruption. and the creation of thematic tables to follow up on each issue.

Although business associations interested in the issues and civil society groups that promote anti-corruption efforts have requested that they be included in the work table, the meetings will continue as they have been until now. That is, only with representatives of the groups that staged the national strike and led the street demonstrations that paralyzed the country for four weeks last July.

This information was revealed by the Archdiocese of Panama, institution facilitating the dialogue, who explained that in the second phase of the process, when the tables are installed to follow up on the agreed issues, space will be given to the relevant sectors.

On the other hand, they assured that the challenge is to end the discussion of the topics next Friday, August 5.

They recalled that there is still no fixed date for the start of the second phase of the dialogue and added that when the discussion resumes today, Wednesday, points will be decided on that second phase: date, who will participate and where the meetings will be held.

So far, the actors have reached consensus on four issues: fuel prices, basic basket, medicines and education.

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