Presidente Abinader visita instalaciones de Operaciones Especiales

Today, the President leads a meeting with communicators at the Police Palace

The president of the Republic, Luis Abinaderreturns this afternoon to the National Police, where he will hold a meeting with communicators to explain, together with the high command of that institution, the strategies and plans that are being implemented in the operation to continue reinforcing the levels of citizen security.

With this visit, the President demonstrates his concern for the issue of security and the reform of the institution of order.

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It is recalled that last week the president was also present at a meeting with the commanders of the National Policewhere he was presented with the progress of the preventive measures that he had arranged last June.

Recently, the President was also at the graduation ceremony for more than 900 new agentsheld in Hatillo, San Cristóbal.

Abinader led the graduation ceremony for 901 new PN agents

The leader He has also visited the headquarters of the National Palace to inaugurate different dependencies in that institution, such as the breastfeeding room, the Club for Enlisted and Assimilated, and others.

He was also present when the Drone Unit and the complaints reception center were presented, among others.

President Abinader visits Special Operations facilities
President Abinader visits Special Operations facilities

Similarly, the president has visited the installation of the Special Operations Centerwhere he arranged the remorse of different areas, including the Lynx and SWAT.

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