"Today starts a new movement": John Milton Rodriguez

"Today starts a new movement": John Milton Rodriguez

In his political headquarters, located at kilometer 1 of the Cali-Yumbo road, the presidential candidate for the Colombia Justa Libres party Jhon Milton Rodríguez, thanked the electorate for their support.

After a prayer indicated that he will continue working for life, values ​​and family and said that the winner of the elections was the leadership.

“This is just getting started, we’re saying ‘Colombia Va’, a new movement that starts from the regions, with leadership, autonomy, firmness, independence and, above all, with the conviction to continue raising the flags of defense of life, that is why we will defend the family, life, freedoms”indicated the candidate from Cali.

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Jhon Milton Rodríguez, highlighted that will maintain its independence and assured that it will be political party Colombia Justa Libres, which decides a possible accession for the second presidential round.

“It is up to me to maintain autonomy and independence, because we believe that we are starting a new movement called ‘Colombia Va’we started this new movement firmly, strongly, something new for all Colombians”, said the candidate.

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Worth noting that the candidate from Cali obtained 274,250 votes, which is equivalent to a percentage of 1.29%, however, in his speech, the applicant emphasized that today not only two candidates won, but all of Colombia.

“Colombia does not want dictatorships, Colombia wants there to be freedom; and not only the two of today passed, all the citizens are saying it is time for new leadership and we are happy because we are part of these new leaderships”, pointed out Jhon Milton.

Finally, the applicant He promised to continue defending the family, dignity and life.

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