Today is the day: week has World Environment and Oceans Day

Today is the day: week has World Environment and Oceans Day

To start the week, this Sunday (5th) celebrates an international date established by the United Nations (UN) in 1972: it is World Environment Day, which seeks to make the population aware of the need for environmental preservation, as highlighted by the National Radio Agencywhich, in 2017, explained more about the origin of the date, and brought reflections on the current relationship of man with the environment: Today is the day: week has World Environment and Oceans Day

The UN even instituted this as the decade for ecosystem restoration. On World Environment Day last year, The Reporter Brazilgives TV Brazil, presented projects aimed at the preservation and recovery of three important national biomes: the Cerrado, the Atlantic Forest and the Pantanal. Check out:

And, in practice, what can we do to collaborate with the preservation of the environment? In 2020, the National Afternoon program, from National Radio, reflected in a survey that shows that 60% of the Brazilian population has sought to change their lifestyle to reduce the impact on the environment. Find out more in the full interview:

And speaking of the environment, a fundamental element for life on planet Earth – which covers 70% of the Earth’s surface – is also celebrated this week. World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8 and, to better understand the influence of the oceans in regulating the planet’s climate, check out the episode of Science is Everythinggives TV Brazil, about oceanography – the science that studies the oceans. The program also goes after the origins and evolution of marine life, and presents the biodiversity of the seas and oceans. Watch:

And, after decades of discussion, the Antarctic Ocean was recently officially recognized as the fifth ocean on planet Earth, joining the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Indian oceans. Reporter Brazil, from TV Brazil, told how the decision was (To learn more about the frozen continent, watch Logbook – Antarctica at TV Brasil Play):

neonatal care

On Monday (6), it’s a day to remember the importance of taking the heel prick test to detect and prevent diseases in the first week of the baby’s life. (check out the Brazil Agency some of the diseases that can be detected by the exam).

Implemented more than 45 years ago in Brazil, the foot test is a free and mandatory exam. A law passed last year expanded the scope of the exam, which started to detect up to 50 diseases – before, there were six. Check out the report from Reporter Brazil:

One of the diseases that can be identified by the exam is the thalassemia, a type of chronic hereditary anemia, caused by a genetic fault, which is characterized by the reduction or absence of hemoglobin. THE National Radio Agency brings more information about this syndrome, which affects about a thousand people in the country.

Centenary of a Star

A bicycle that flies over the skies and a cyclone that drags a small house and takes a young woman into a world of colors never seen before by her. These are some unforgettable images of world cinema, which is celebrated this week.

On the 10th, we celebrate the centenary of actress Judy Garland, the Dorothy of the classic The Wizard of Oz (1939). Artist of the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals, she shone on stage and screen, and even won an Oscar for her role as Dorothy. Judy’s voice, one of her greatest legacies, is still heard by thousands of fans in the version of Over the Rainbow present in the movie. O History Today honored the life and career of the actress:

The trajectory of Judy Garland shows the dark backstage of the great Hollywood stars. On stage since childhood, Judy was induced by her mother to take sleeping pills and follow strict diets. The artist also had to go hours without eating and drink excessive doses of coffee to endure the filming of The Wizard of Ozwhen he was just 17 years old.

The actress and singer was found dead in her apartment on June 22, 1969, aged just 47, from an overdose of medication. According to the obituary, the death was accidental, but the drugs were part of the star’s life since her youth.

Another movie classic also has a birthday this week: ET the Extraterrestrial (1982)is one of director Steven Spielberg’s great successes and celebrates its 40th anniversary on June 11th.

religious celebrations

The week also brings a religious date: the Day of the Holy Spirit, celebrated on June 5 across the country. Celebrated on Pentecost Day, the festival takes place 50 days after Easter Sunday, as explained in the Rádio Memória section of the program Radio Societygives Radio MEC:

The Festa do Divino Espírito Santo is recognized by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan) as a Brazilian intangible cultural heritage. In 2018, the reporting paths, gives TV Brazil, was in Pirenópolis to accompany the Festa do Divino and the Cavalhadas – one of the largest and most traditional popular celebrations in Brazil. Check out:

On the 8th, the Islamic religion remembers 1,390 years since the death of Muhammad, founder of Islam. Muhammad proclaimed the faith of one God – Allah – and is considered by Islam to be the last prophet of the God of Abraham. O History Today tells the story of the prophet.

Check the weekly list of Today is the day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

June 5th to 11th, 2022


Birth of the composer and singer from Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Fernandes (115 years old) – worked at National Radio of Rio de Janeiro

Birth of the pianist from São Paulo Lydia Alimonda (105 years old) – she had a special role as a promoter of Brazilian music in Europe, and created, with her sister, the violinist Altéia, the duo Alimonda, with which she performed throughout Brazil

Dia do Divino Espirito Santo (movable date) – the feast is celebrated on the Day of Pentecost, which takes place 50 days after Easter Sunday

World Environment Day – international commemoration, which was established by the 27th session of the UN General Assembly, in Resolution No. 2,994, of December 15, 1972

At Harvard University, George Marshall presents the Marshall Plan to help European countries affected by World War II (75 years)

Beginning of the Six-Day War between Israel and the Arab states of Egypt, Syria and Jordan (55 years old)


Born of São Paulo actress Liana Duval (95 years old) – acted in productions of plays such as the king of sailing, drop of water and Galileo, Galilei; and was also part of the cast of soap operas on TV Tupi and TV Globo

Birth of the broadcaster, film actor and television presenter from Ceará César de Alencar (105 years old)

Birth of Rio de Janeiro filmmaker Fábio Barreto (65 years old)

National Foot Test Day


Muammar al-Gaddafi’s birth of the military and former Libyan president (80 years old)

Born of São Paulo actor Ary França (65 years old)

Birth of Hungarian conductor George Szell (125 years old) – conductor and composer of Hungarian origin, he is remembered for the numerous recordings he made of various works with the Cleveland Orchestra

Birth of American actor Dean Martin (105 years old) – one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, both in music, television, as well as in film

Death of the pianist, composer and actor from Rio de Janeiro, Bené Nunes (25 years old)

Birth of São Paulo mandolinist and composer Izaias Bueno de Almeida, known as Izaias do Bandolim (85 years old)

National Press Freedom Day


Birth of futsal player from São Paulo Falcão (45 years old)

Birth of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (155 years old)

Death of São Paulo journalist and writer Ivan Lessa (10 years old)

Death of Arab religious leader Mohammed (1390 years old) – founder of Islam

World Oceans Day – commemoration established in 1992, during Eco-92, in order to emphasize the importance of all products supplied by the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean and Arctic Ocean


Birth of Peter I, Russian Tsar known as Peter the Great (350 years old)

Birth of British historian Eric Hobsbawm (105 years old)

Departure of the Cruls Commission (130 years old) – appointed by President Floriano Peixoto, the Central Plateau Exploration Commission left in order to demarcate the place where the future capital of the country would be built

National Anchieta Day – a date that highlights the life and work of Father José de Anchieta

International Archives Day – celebrated to mark the date of creation of the International Council of Archives, it was established by UNESCO on June 9, 1948; the date promotes the value of archival institutions in the service of research, culture, memory, and transparency


Birth of American actress, singer and songwriter Judy Garland (100 years old)

Apple II launched, one of the first personal computers (45 years old)

World Alcoholics Anonymous Day – celebrated to mark what is traditionally seen as the founding date of the self-help group of men and women, who share their dependence on alcoholic beverages. The group was founded in the US city of Akron on June 10, 1935.

Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities – celebrated on the date of the death of the Portuguese poet Luiz de Camões, who died on June 10, 1580


Birth of Minas Gerais composer and lyricist Geraldo Carneiro (70 years old)

Birth of the artist from Pernambuco, Francisco Brennand (95 years old)

Birth of actress Isabela Garcia (55 years old)

Foundation of the Brazilian Navy (200 years)

movie released ET the Extraterrestrial (40 years)

Brazilian Navy Day

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