Today is the Day: week brings International Down Syndrome Day

Today is the Day: week brings International Down Syndrome Day

The day chosen to speak, across the planet, about Down syndrome could not be any other: the 21st of month 3. Down syndrome is a genetic alteration in which the person has three chromosomes in pair 21, and not two , as usual. Therefore, the syndrome is also called trisomy of chromosome 21, or simply T21.Today is the Day: week brings International Down Syndrome Day

According to the Ministry of Health, this chromosomal alteration – first observed in 1866 by the British pediatrician John Langdon Down – is the most common among humans.

In 2014, the Special Programfrom the TV Brazilbrought an interview with a medical geneticist, who spoke about the development of people with Down syndrome, issues such as life expectancy, incidence of T21 and some particular characteristics of people with Down syndrome:

World Down Syndrome Day, formalized by the United Nations (UN) in 2012, not only celebrates the lives of people who have the syndrome, but also talks about rights, inclusion and the possibility for people with Down to be and do whatever they want.

O Special Program – who has the first female reporter with Down syndrome in the country, Fernanda Honorato – features a series of stories that show the power of people with trisomy 21: they are actresses and actors, dancers, models, circus performers, athletes… people that date, get married, work and more.

Masters of Literature and Music

Two big names in national literature are remembered this week – and both were the subject of episodes of the program from there to herefrom the TV Brazil.

This Sunday (19) marks the 125th anniversary of the death of the poet Cruz e Sousa – master of national symbolism and regarded as the greatest black poet in the Portuguese language. The program also recalled the prejudice and discrimination that Cruz e Sousa faced throughout his life, and how he died poor, young and without ever having received recognition for his work.

Graciliano Ramos, who died 70 years ago, on March 20, 1953, also had his life and work detailed by from there to herein 2013. A tireless worker of the word, Ramos wrote short stories, novels, memoirs and chronicles, became one of the most important writers in national literature and has Dried lives your masterpiece:

Also on the 20th, but in the year 1863 – that is, 160 years ago – the pianist and composer Ernesto Nazareth was born. Considered, along with Chiquinha Gonzaga, one of the greatest Brazilian composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Nazareth helped shape the country’s musical identity, bringing genuinely Brazilian compositions to the great halls. Know your history in the program all voicesfrom the MEC radio:

Autumn, forests and water

Also this Monday (20), more precisely at 6:25 pm, autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere. On this day the autumnal equinox takes place, which is when the two hemispheres of the Earth are equally illuminated (The Brazil Agency explained why the seasons exist).

Already on Tuesday is the International Day of Forests. Brazil has the second largest area of ​​forests in the world, with 500 million hectares. This means that approximately 60% of the national territory is covered by forests.

What is also abundant in the country is water: about 12% of the fresh water available on the planet is in Brazilian territory. To draw attention to the importance of this natural resource, World Water Day was celebrated on March 22. O Science is Everythingfrom the TV Brazilshowed how water is essential in practically all areas of human existence, such as agriculture, industry, supply, tourism, aquaculture, energy generation and more:

History of the people of the country

In history and geography, three dates stand out in the week: March 24 is the Day of the Union of Latin American Peoples. O Moment Threefrom the National Radiobowed to the Latin people – made up of different styles, identities, cultures and even languages, but also united by music:

People of Arab origin in Brazil also have a day to call their own: March 25th is the National Day of the Arab Community. Understand, in this interview that aired on the program Watch TVfrom the TV Brazilhow the Arab immigration to the country took place:

Also on March 25, the UN established the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade on Slave Ships. O On the Trail of Historyfrom the National Radio, dealt with the trafficking of enslaved Africans and the forced labor routine imposed on these men and women.

O Reporting Pathsfrom the TV Brazil, reinforces that Brazil was the place in America that received the most black captives: 4.86 million enslaved Africans between the 16th and 19th centuries, according to the Transatlantic Slave Trade Database, which contains information on more than 35,000 trips of slave ships. The episode also shows how slavery continues to echo in Brazilian society.

more dates

In the coming days, the death of the psychoanalyst and writer from Minas Gerais will also be remembered. Helio Pellegrino (35 years old on March 23), the birth of the singer Ellen from Lima (85 years old on March 24), the world tuberculosis day (also on March 24) and the 105th anniversary of the death of the French musician and composer Claude Debussy (on March 25).

Check out the weekly list* of Today is the day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

March 19th to 25th, 2023


Birth of Peruvian indigenous leader José Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera, Túpac Amaru II (285 years old)

Death of the symbolist poet from Santa Catarina Cruz e Sousa (125 years old)

Oscar ceremony is broadcast for the first time on television (70 years)

National Craftsman Day


Birth of Fluminense pianist and composer Ernesto Nazareth (160 years old)

Death of the Alagoan writer Graciliano Ramos (70 years old)

Start of War in Iraq (20 years)

Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) – the celebrations of various cultures for the vernal equinox gave rise to Easter-related customs of the Christian religion today

International Francophonie Day – date to spread and promote French culture

International Day of Happiness


Birth of French mathematician and physicist Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier (age 255) – is generally credited with discovering the greenhouse effect

International Day of Color

International Day of Forests

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

International Down Syndrome Day

World Poetry Day – date created at the 30th Unesco General Conference



Death of the psychoanalyst and writer from Minas Gerais Helio Pellegrino (35 years old)

world meteorology day


Sanction of the Pelé Law or Free Pass Law (25 years) – changes the legislation on the pass of football players

Birth of Bahian singer and actress Ellen de Lima (85 years old) – she began her career in 1950 on César de Alencar’s freshman program, on National Radio

Day of the Union of Latin American Peoples

World Tuberculosis Day


Death of French musician and composer Claude Debussy (105 years old)

Birth of Argentine artist Beatriz Berman (75 years old)

Foundation of Clube Atlético Mineiro (115 years)

Arab Community National Day

International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade on Slave Ships – UN General Assembly Special Designation, 28 November 2006

Earth Hour (movable date) – last Saturday in March each year

*The dates are selected by the Ephemeris Project research team, from the Collection Management of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), which brings themes related to culture, history, science and personalities, always highlighting national and regional landmarks. The Collection Management also responds to research requests from the external public. Just send an email to [email protected]

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