Today is the day: solidarity and migration mark the week of Christmas Eve

Today is the day: solidarity and migration mark the week of Christmas Eve

Under the atmosphere of Christmas Eve and other end of year festivities, themes of social value mark the week all over the world. At least two subjects are interconnected and touch each of us deeply. Migration and solidarity.Today is the day: solidarity and migration mark the week of Christmas Eve

This Sunday (18), there is an important reflection in relation to Migrants’ Day. December 20 is the International Day of Human Solidarity.🇧🇷 theme that should not be restricted to the Christmas spirit, but that usually arises in the midst of December feelings.

The two themes are constant in journalistic materials and in programs of the Brazil Communication Company (EBC)and can be consulted in the historical collection in videos, audios and texts.

Four years ago, for example, the daily struggle of refugee women in Brazil was the theme of the program Reporting Paths, gives TV Brazil🇧🇷 The program brings together people from different cultures and skin colors. In Brazil, these citizens come from more than 80 nationalities, including Africa, the Middle East and Haiti.

The program brings testimonials from women from Uganda, Syria, Palestine, Senegal, Haiti, Congo and Angola.

Watch the program below:

If there is support in Brazil, there are those compatriots who go far. THE Brazil Agency published a special report on humanitarian actions in different parts of the world at the beginning of the pandemic and tells stories of Brazilians who made supporting others their reason for existing. Check the material🇧🇷

world humanitarian day

Today is the Day / Photo: Zacharias Abubeker/Doctors Without Borders

In 2022, the Reporting Paths it also treated Venezuelan refugees, as is the case of the merchant Yurisbel Lopes who arrived with two children in Brazil across the border in Roraima.

In three suitcases, I brought what was left of life. “In this one are my clothes, in this one the children’s, in the other one the shoes”. In all, this year, more than 717,000 Venezuelans entered Brazil from January 2017 to March 2022. Check out the program:

On the life of foreigners in Brazil, another program, carried out in partnership with TV Encounter, from Argentina, showed the life of workers from that country who chose our country to live. Check out the stories at Argentines in Brazil🇧🇷

On the other hand, the Brazil Agency has highlighted the struggle of vulnerable people looking for another country to live. In general, the issue of the migration crisis it is a space of interest for news teams around the world.

Solidarity Day

Faced with human, economic and social crises around the world, forces of salvation go by the names of civil society organizations or even isolated initiatives depart from idealistic initiatives by communities or even by a less difficult world to live in.

For almost 10 years, the Reporting Paths brought stories of small everyday attitudes or even in large projects that run the world.

The program highlights discussions about learning altruism at school. The program lists the example of a group of clowns that bring joy to war refugees, or even the lives of readers who lend their vision to people with visual impairments to read and study.

Another context that did not escape the cameras of the TV Brazil it was the intense solidarity in those worst days of the covid-19 pandemic. One of the programs explains social projects spread across Brazil that have reinvented themselves on the internet to reach different audiences with food, clothing and medical care. Incidentally, during the pandemic, social initiatives led by women grew by 40%. Check out the video:

in the pandemic

The pandemic period, in fact, generated a wave of solidarity with creativity, such as the creation of an app for neighbors to help each other so that no one was left without food. Discover the history recorded by Brazil Magazine🇧🇷

Solidarity in Revista Brasil

Another path of solidarity that EBC registered was how gastronomy can transform communities. In 2021, the reporting team went to the quilombola community Cafundá Astrogilda, in the West Zone of the city of Rio, to visit the restaurant that operates there, open to the public, under the command of two quilombola women.

The program National Afternoongives National Radio, he also noted the action of the Pontinho de Luz Solidarity Network, which is a community organization that brings together volunteers from all over the country to help others. The social enterprise encompasses different actions to collect food, clothing and blankets for homeless people. Listen below:

Solidarity is the theme of the National Afternoon

Read more about solidarity at Agência Brasil

Hear more on EBC Radios how to participate in groups to help others

Check out the complete list of dates for Today is the month of December 2022:

December 18th to 24th, 2022


ballet premiere Nutcracker in Russia (130 years)

National Museologist’s Day – celebrated by Brazilians according to the decree of May 31, 2004, which also created the Week of Museums in Brazil

International Migrants Day


Premiere of the film Titanic (25 years)


International Day of Human Solidarity – commemoration instituted by the UN, in Resolution nº 60/209, of December 22, 2005


Creation of the National Book Institute (85 years)

Premiere of snow WhiteDisney’s first animated feature (85 years old)

Midsummer’s Day – celebrated in the southern hemisphere

Athlete’s Day


Birth of English actress Ava Gardner (100 years old)

Birth of São Paulo goalkeeper Félix Miélli Venerando, Félix (85 years old) – three-time World Cup champion for Brazil

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