Today is the Day: dates celebrate childhood and people with disabilities

Today is the Day: dates celebrate childhood and people with disabilities

The week that starts today (21) is marked by the beginning of a period of awareness for the inclusion of people with disabilities and the fight against ableism. The National Week of Persons with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities has been celebrated since 1964. This year, the theme of the campaign is Overcoming barriers to ensure inclusion.Today is the Day: dates celebrate childhood and people with disabilities

This 2019 report from Reporter Brazil explained what intellectual and multiple disabilities are, and reinforced the importance of family support for the development of people with disabilities. Check out:

On Wednesday (24), the Children’s Day proposes reflections on ensuring the rights of children in Brazil. According to the Statute of Children and Adolescents, a person who is under 12 years of age is considered a child.

In this edition, the program Long live Mary, gives National Radiodebated, in 2020, on the rights of children and the vulnerabilities to which Brazilian children are exposed:

O Long live Mary also highlights the importance of play. Listen to the full interview.

Still on inclusion, on August 26, the International Day for Women’s Equality is celebrated. The date was chosen in honor of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which instituted women’s suffrage.

folklore day

On Monday (22), Folklore Day is celebrated. Saci Pererê, Curupira, Pink Boto, Boitatá. You’ve probably heard of these names and stories that make up the popular imagination. If you don’t know, or if you want to know more, the National Youth listed a series of curiosities about the folkloric characters.

Folklore, however, is not just about these tales. The name of this important manifestation of popular culture comes from the junction of the words folk (people) and lore (knowledge) and covers legends, tales, dances, popular songs and other cultural manifestations..

110 years of Nelson Rodrigues

The legacy of Nelson Rodrigues is honored on Tuesday (23). 110 years ago, the playwright, journalist, novelist, serial writer, chronicler was born and recognized as the most influential playwright in Brazil. Author of emblematic phrases such as “All unanimity is stupid”, he was the subject of a special report by the EBC.

On Saturday, singer Paulinho Moska turns 55. The artist was invited to the program It’s All Brazilin which he spoke about the beginning of his musical career and his acting career.

Check the weekly list of Today is the day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

August 21 to 27, 2022


Birth of the Ludovica writer Josué Montello (105 years old)

Birth of English singer and guitarist Joe Strummer (70 years old) – from the English punk band The Clash

Published decree for the listing of Associação Centro Cultural Estudantina, crowned as Cultural Heritage of Rio (10 years)

Beginning of the National Week for Persons with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities – celebrated since 1964, it aims to make society aware of the importance of inclusive practices and respect for differences, citizenship rights and social inclusion for all


Birth of French composer Claude Debussy (160 years old)

Born of São Paulo comedian Ary Toledo (85 years old)

Birth of the guitarist and bluesman American John Lee Hooker (105 years old)

Birth of American musician Layne Staley (55 years old) – great icon of the grunge movement of the 1990s

Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy (80 years)

Folklore Day – on the same date, in the year 1846, the word folklore (in English) was invented by the English writer William John Thoms


Born of Pernambuco playwright Nelson Rodrigues (110 years old)

Death of Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca (130 years old) – proclaimed the Republic and was the first president of Brazil

Birth of actress Maria Antonietta Portocarrero, aka Tônia Carrero (100 years old)

Death of Potiguar instrumentalist and composer Edu da Gaita (40 years old)

Birth of actor, director and choreographer Gene Kelly (110 years old) – famous for his performance in the film Singing in the Rain

Birth of carioca singer Paula Toller Amora (60 years old) – lead singer of the band Kid Abelha

Brazilian basketball beats the hitherto invincible US team in the Indianapolis Pan American final (35 years old)


Born in Rio de Janeiro, composer Joaquim Torres Delgado de Carvalho (150 years old) – he was also librarian at the National Institute of Music, between 1902 and 1907, where he carried out the first cataloging of the museum’s works

Birth of Rio de Janeiro writer Paulo Coelho (75 years old)

childhood day


Birth of São Paulo councilor and journalist Soninha Francine (55 years old)

Death of American astronaut Neil Armstrong (age 10) – the first man to walk on the moon

Soldier’s Day – the date honors the birth day of Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, the Duque de Caxias, on August 25, 1803. Caxias is the patron of the Brazilian Army and became known as “the Peacemaker” after putting down many rebellions against the empire


Birth of singer Cláudia Telles (65 years old) – daughter of guitarist Candinho and one of the forerunners of bossa nova, singer Sylvinha Telles. Famous as an interpreter of the songs Late afternoon” and I need to forget you

International Day for Women’s Equality – day of passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which instituted women’s suffrage


Birth of carioca singer Paulinho Moska (55 years old)

Birth of the singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Alberto Ribeiro da Vinha, known as Alberto Ribeiro (120 years old)

Birth of American activist Barbara Bach (75 years old) – has already been bond girl and is married to former Beatle Ringo Starr

National Psychologist’s Day

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