Today began the hearings against the 15 dissident deputies of Cambio Democrático

At around 8:45 am this Wednesday, attorney Carlos Carrillo arrived at the facilities of the Cambio Democrático party (CD) to participate in the first day of a hearing against 15 deputies considered dissidents within said group.

It is worth mentioning that last week, the Court of Honor and Discipline of Cambio Democrático, set for May 25, 26 and 27 the oral hearings for these deputies, who face a process of expulsion and revocation of mandate.

On the morning of this Wednesday, the 25th, the deputies Yanibel Ábrego, general secretary of the CD, Nelson Jackson, Hernán Delgado and Mercedes Gálvez, who are represented by the jurist Carlos Carrillo, must appear.

For the afternoon, Alaín Cedeño should attend. On Thursday 26, Genesis Arjona, Fátima Agrazal, Arnulfo Díaz and Abelardo Antonio must go. They will be represented by lawyer Ceila Peñalba. And in the afternoon of that day, deputy Marylín Vallarino must go to a hearing, who will be represented by her husband and her substitute, Agustín Selhorn.

While for Friday, May 27, deputies Dalia Bernal, José María Herrera, Lilia Batista and Leopoldo Archibold must appear. The lawyer for this group will be Nicolás Brea. By the afternoon of that day, Mayín Correa, represented by César Dudley, must go to a hearing.

These 15 deputies, who oppose the management of Rómulo Roux, president of that party, are accused of not having followed the line of the party on July 1, when they were asked to vote for Rony Araúz as a candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly, but they did the opposite and supported the PRD Crispiano Adames. They are also claimed to have met with the leadership of the Realizing Goals party, meetings in which they even announced alleged electoral alliances for 2024.

The Prosecutor of Cambio Democrático, Raúl Andrade, presented on November 22 an appeal for expulsion and revocation of mandate against these 15 deputies. The dissident deputies filed an appeal, but it was rejected by the party’s Court of Honor and Discipline.

During the first hearing this Wednesday, the denounced deputies were not present.

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