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Tocantins: with 85.54% counting, Wanderlei Barbosa leads the dispute

The counting of votes for governor continues in Tocantins. So far, Wanderlei Barbosa (Republicans) is ahead with 58.29% of valid votes. Ronaldo Dimas is in second place, with 22.98% of valid votes.

So far, 85.54% of the polls have been counted.Tocantins: with 85.54% counting, Wanderlei Barbosa leads the dispute

58 years old, current governor, Barbosa will seek re-election. He has been a councilor for Porto Nacional (TO) and also for the capital, Palmas. He has been state deputy twice. He took charge of the state after Mauro Carlesse resigned. The deputy of the plate will be the former mayor of Gurupi, Laurez Moreira (PDT), 65 years old.

61 years old, born in the city of Frutal (MG), Dimas has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Uberaba. He has already been mayor of Araguaína (TO) for two terms. He has already held the positions of federal deputy. He has also headed the Federation of Industries of the State of Tocantins (Fieto). Economist Freire Júnior (MDB) was announced as deputy.

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