To the sound of 'La Pollera Colora', Anthony Hopkins surprises his followers

To the sound of ‘La Pollera Colora’, Anthony Hopkins surprises his followers

Yes sirs! The iconic Colombian cumbia, the Pollera Colora reached the United Kingdom and it rang no less than in the house of British actor, Anthony Hopkinswho through his social networks showed that he has all the tropical flavor in his veins.

This Sunday, the 85-year-old actor and director showed that he is still in force, because with some subtle movements captivated the eyes of hundreds of users on social networks, And what surprised everyone the most was the song he used, a Colombian composition that transcended borders.

With a flowery shirt and a Panamanian hat, the winner of an Oscar for Best Actor enjoyed this melody composed by Juan Madera Castro and that has become one of the most important cumbias in Colombia.

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