To the rhythm of the pagode and the bahianas of the acarajé, Lula summoned thousands of followers

To the rhythm of the pagode and the bahianas of the acarajé, Lula summoned thousands of followers

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The presence of the former president of Brazil and candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT) for Sunday’s elections, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvain the Brazilian city of Salvador, on a walk together with Jerônimo Rodrigues, candidate for governor of the state of Bahiabrought together thousands of people, who danced with the traditional “Bahian joy” and filled the vicinity of the Church of Nosso Senhor de Bonfim, the Catholic church famous throughout the world for its colorful ribbons.

Surrounded by a crowd of supporters who extended their hands to try to make contact with the former president and candidate to occupy the Planalto Palace, seat of the Brazilian Executive Power, for the third time, Lula did not stop smiling and responding to all the signs of love from the people. Bahian. In the background, the rhythm of the traditional pagode and samba was mixed with the jingles of the PT campaign.

The state of Bahia, the largest electoral college in the Northeast and fourth largest in Brazil, was the first to receive Lula after the presidential debate that ignited the electorate last night through the O Globo television signal.

The latest polls showed an increase in the intention to vote for the PT and a significant decrease in the candidate ACM Neto, former mayor of Salvador who declared himself “pardo” even though his skin is white. A more than important offense for Afro-descendant Bahians, who are 80% of the population.

The traditional Bahian women with their typical dresses, representatives of the LGTBIQ+ collective, young students, workers, street vendors, retirees, the Filhos de Gandhy (Afro cultural manifestation born in 1949) who blessed Lula’s passage with their trumpets, express words of hope in that on Sunday Lula wins in the first turn.

“I feel a lot of emotion! Seeing Lula here makes me cry!” Stella Vilma told Télama Bahian professor, who described the current term of President Jair Bolsonaro, who aspires to his re-election, as “a lot of struggle, a lot of death and a lot of suffering. It is for all that that we wait for the return of my president”, referring to Lula.

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