To public consultation Tax Harmonization Law

To public consultation Tax Harmonization Law

Deputy Ramón Lobo, a member of the Finance, Economy and National Development Commission, explained that, after being approved in the first discussion before the National Assembly (AN), the public consultation process for the Organic Law on Coordination and Harmonization of the Tax Powers.

He reported that this Tuesday a meeting of the commission will take place to give instructions on the consultation and the date of completion. “A route will come out of there,” he said in it during a radio interview.

He specified that this rule aims to coordinate actions to achieve tax harmonization between the different levels of government and “optimize the national system in its collection taking into consideration the tax burden according to the economic capacity of the taxpayers.

He pointed out that “the public consultation is to listen to all those who want to participate and give their opinion, regardless of whether they agree or not.”

“We are starting the consultation process and we will attend. Everyone can have a vision of it (…) The important thing is that we are addressing that concern that has been appearing in the economic sector, ”he stressed.

National government maintains the effort

A week ago, Lobo recalled that the BCV, together with the national government, has been making a significant effort to attract foreign currency and redistribute it at the national level. «In order to serve the economic sectors that require importing some type of component or in order to strengthen the growth of the national economy,” he said.

Similarly, he made reference to the figures recently announced by the BCV. “Two days ago the figures were announced at the Central Bank where a ceconomic growth close to 17%, which indicates that this year we can close close to 20%, these are positive figures”, he pointed out.

He argued that there is a favorable perspective of economic growth that will be transformed into a benefit for the people. “There are media and unpatriotic forces that generate opinion matrixes to destabilize the country based on the dollar,” he denounced.

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