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TJRJ denies writ of mandamus to accused for the death of Patrícia Acioli

The judges of the Special Body of the Court of Justice of Rio unanimously denied, this Monday (4), the granting of a writ of mandamus by which the Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police, Cláudio Luiz Silva de Oliveira, tried to extend the deadline to send a special appeal to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). TJRJ denies writ of mandamus to accused for the death of Patrícia Acioli

The officer was sentenced to 36 years in prison and the loss of public office for the death of Judge Patrícia Acioli, in Niterói, on August 11, 2011, when the magistrate arrived home by car and was ambushed.

The decision of the magistrates, who followed the vote of the judge rapporteur Antônio Carlos Nascimento Amado, should make the judgment final. As a result, the ex-commander of the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo), at the time of the crime, who is currently serving his sentence at the PM Prison Unit in Niterói, in the metropolitan region, is close to being expelled from the corporation, also losing his pay and advantages. remuneration that you continue to receive.

According to the judgment, the writ of mandamus was filed by the defendant’s defense after the third and second vice-presidencies of the Court of Justice had rejected a sequence of grievances considered unsuitable for what was intended.

The crime

Judge Patrícia Acioli was killed with 21 shots as she arrived at her home in Niterói after leaving the São Gonçalo Forum, where she worked. That day, she had signed the arrest warrants for two military police officers, who had followed and killed her the same night.

They were part of a militia that operated in the 7th Battalion of the PM, accused of having forged hundreds of resistance acts to cover up executions. All 11 accused police officers were sentenced by the courts.

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