Tips to get cheap plane tickets

Tips to get cheap plane tickets

Faced with a complicated situation to get flights that can be adjusted to the pocket, many people have resorted to looking for some way to find cheap tickets.

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It is not a secret that the crisis in the country’s aeronautical sector has many people and companies in suspense that demand flights that may be economically viable, to the point that the same airlines have also dedicated efforts to offer cheaper flights due to the low demand for passengers that the crisis has caused.

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Before this panorama, Thomas Allier, CEO of the flight search platform Viajala.comgave several tips when looking for something that can be adjusted to a less austere budget:

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1. Planning: “It is recommended to plan a domestic flight one month in advance and two or three months for international flights.”

2. Choose good dates: “Avoid the high season months. If one seeks to travel, for example, at Easter, it is not a good time. There are months that are cheaper such as February or May and try to avoid Fridays as departure days and Mondays as return dates. If one can take better advantage of the holidays, it is best to move these dates a little”.

3. Compare flight offers: “Use price comparators like Viajala to see which airlines have the best offers according to what I need on different dates.”

4. Light luggage: “Travel light. If one organizes well, one can realize that with little one can travel and I can save the cost of the suitcase”

5. Lodging: When staying, you have to review hotel alternatives. You can look at vacation rentals that can now be found on platforms like Airbnb. That can also be an option to save.”

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