Tips for shopping safely

Tips for shopping safely

These are the recommendations of the Ministry of the Interior for Internet purchases

Scams occur more frequently at parties, which is why the portfolio issued a series of tips to buy safely.

Electronic fraud or scams are a crime that occurs more frequently at times of traditional festivals. People are tricked into providing personal information or making payments for items they won’t receive.

Within this framework, the Ministry of the Interior issued a series of recommendations for making purchases online safely.

The portfolio details that the first step should be to have the antivirus and the computer’s operating system updated. When entering the page where the purchase is to be made, “pay special attention to the messages and pop-up windows that are displayed, since they could be from malicious sites that can violate your privacy or allow access to your information.”

PIN or personal data

The ministry suggests not providing important information such as account numbers, documents, keys, passwords or PIN numbers to unknown people. It also calls for using your full name and establishing reliable contact with the person making the transaction.

On the other hand, if the payment of the purchase is going to be by card, it is necessary to anticipate that nobody sees the configuration of the PIN or personal data. In case you have to make transfers, it is recommended to use the official channels of banking or financial entities.

In addition, the ministry warns that it is always necessary to verify the senders and corroborate the information of the web address where the purchases are to be made. In this sense, he maintains that it is necessary to avoid revealing information through WhatsApp or another application to strangers.

The portfolio advises not to buy valuable items that are offered at a low price, “since it may be a stolen item or one that is not in use condition.”

Informal sales sites

“Informal Internet sales sites are not always reliable. Before making any money transfer, seek as much information about them as possible,” the statement details.

Finally, the ministry asks that in the event of any blackmail or phishing maneuver, the Police be contacted and the complaint be filed as soon as possible. (Montevideo Portal)

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