TikTok will restrict videos by age, why?

TikTok will restrict videos by age, why?

The platform TikTok will start classifying videos according to age ranges and will add a label of “mature content” to publications that will not be able to be reproduced in user accounts under 19 years old.

The company announced this Wednesday the measure, which mimics the age ratings of movies, television and video games, something that fits with its new business approach, more focused on standing as an entertainment platform than as a social network.

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“Some content could include mature and complex themes about real experiences or events that are aimed at mature audiences,” he explained in the statement, where he anticipates that he will begin implementing the changes in the coming weeks.

Despite TikTok did not specify who or what system will be used to determine the content categories, the company assured that it will assign each video a “maturity score” and, in turn, will classify them into “maturity issues”.

Likewise, it will allow to prohibit and censor the monitoring of certain labels or accounts for parents concerned about their children.

These measures come at a critical moment for the image of the company, after two families from the US have denounced TikTok because their daughters died following a viral challenge on the platform that encouraged them to record themselves drowning with different gadgets.

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In this sense, the American Alliance of Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation (Glaad) placed TikTok on Wednesday as the worst platform for harassment.

And last week the Senate Intelligence Committee of USA. asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Chinese authorities are accessing US user data through the TikTok app.

In the letter, the Committee mentions an investigative article produced by Buzzfeed which states that Chinese employees of TikTok and ByteDance regularly accessed sensitive data from US users, according to leaked recordings of internal company meetings.

According to that piece, the company transfers some of that collected data to officials in Beijing, even though representatives of TikTok They denied during a hearing before the US Congress, held in October 2021, any contact between the popular application and the Chinese government.

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