Tienda Amiga, Nexolíder and Microfic are on the BBV podium this month

Tienda Amiga, Nexolíder and Microfic are on the BBV podium this month

August 23, 2022, 4:00 AM

August 23, 2022, 4:00 AM

Investment options in the stock market are led this month by the issues of TiendaAmiga, NexoLíder and Microfinancieras Closed Investment Fund II (Microfic), reported the Bolivian Stock Exchange (BBV).

“Investment opportunities make it possible to make visible the securities available from those issuing companies that are offering securities in the primary market in search of financing to fulfill their different projects and growth objectives,” the BBV highlighted.

“By having this information, investors make better decisions as they can choose which types of securities and companies to invest in. In addition, this information becomes a viewing window and a source of information for future investors”, he added.

These securities are offered through the Smart BBV electronic platform, which offers the possibility of trading with greater benefits for investors, brokers and issuers in the market, allowing fairer prices to be achieved for securities, reducing inefficiencies in the formation of these , so that both sellers and buyers get the best rates and prices possible.

The system also allows compliance with all the principles of a securities market, such as accessibility, fairness, opportunity, fair price, depth and transparency.

This technology offers the possibility of registering and automatically completing all the bids and closings, aspects that allow the agents to establish and obtain the conditions that they consider sufficiently advantageous, and both the direct and indirect participants can have the information of the negotiations in real time and with full visibility for better decision making.

Smart BBV also makes it possible to expand the coverage of the securities market and the access of new investors, thus expanding the supply of resources for companies and improving market liquidity. Being based on high standards, it will give way to the integration of other markets and multiple solutions for various links in the industry’s value chain, which will help generate business opportunities for financial technology providers.

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