Three suspects of murdering two girls in Ciudad Belén are sent to trial

Three suspects of murdering two girls in Ciudad Belén are sent to trial

The three suspects of murdering two sisters aged 7 and 10 in Ciudad Belén, Managua, were brought to justice this Friday, September 9. Judge Róger Sánchez Báez, head of the First Criminal District Court for Adolescents of Managua, was in charge of the preliminary hearing against the defendants who were placed in preventive detention and sent to trial for the death of the two girls, according to official media.

The defendants are Alfredo Antonio Lara Ortiz, 19 years old, Alison Yahoska Salgado Rugama, 18 years old, and a 16-year-old adolescent, Alison’s brother. The defendants lived five houses from where the victims lived in Ciudad Belén. The crime against the two minors occurred on the night of Friday, September 2.

Police investigations detail that the test post-mortem determined that the 7-year-old girl with initials IJU was killed by mechanical asphyxiation (suffocation), and her little sister MJU, 10 years old, by severe head trauma caused by a blunt object and had green ecchymoses in the pubic region.

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Three suspects of murdering two girls in Ciudad Belén are sent to trial

The lifeless bodies of the girls were found in a vacant lot in Ciudad Belén on Monday, September 5. A multicolored cloth mattress, strips of white cloth, a piece of white duplex wire, and body fluid samples were collected as evidence at the site. The witnesses report that the three alleged criminals washed the house in the morning hours of the day after the disappearance of the minors.

The victims had three months of having arrived in the capital. The family, of the Miskito ethnic group, is originally from the Walakitang community of Río Coco, in Wiwilí, department of Jinotega, and came to Managua in search of work. The crime was committed in the home of the alleged femicides, where a criminalistics report was carried out that revealed the presence of human blood in the living room and in the bedroom of the 16-year-old young man with the initials AESR. A piece of block and a piece of blue towel used to commit the crime were also found in the bedroom, said the police part.

The victims left their home after a 10-year-old neighbor came looking for them to go to a vigil. The mother denied them permission, closed the door and went to sleep. When she woke up two hours later, she realized that her daughters were not at home, so she went to look for them at the vigil that was being held a block away, around 10:30 at night. She did not find them and returned to the house.

At about one in the morning, he went to look for them again at the vigil until the activity ended; not finding them, he arrived at the house of the RCSR neighbor, where he talked with the grandmother, “who told him that the little girls were not at home and that she did not know anything about them.”

The bodies of the girls were transferred to their community with the help of the Nicaraguan Army, according to a press release released by the military body on its social networks.

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