Three policemen injured in clashes with gangs and one killed

Three policemen injured in clashes with gangs and one killed

Three police officers were injured during clashes with criminal organizations that occurred in Carabobo and Aragua, according to data obtained from security agencies. A fourth police officer was killed in Zulia.

This Sunday night, two Poliaragua agents were attacked with rifles while carrying out an operation in the Los Cedros sector of Maracay (Aragua). The wounded were recorded as Freddy Arana (43), wounded in the left leg, and Tatiana Acosta, who was shot in the left shoulder. Both hold the hierarchy of supervisors.

Arana and Acosta were admitted to the Central Hospital of Maracay.

The attack was allegedly perpetrated by a criminal group that had just committed a robbery.

And on the afternoon of Saturday, August 13, a group of criminals confronted officials of the Bolivarian National Police in the Parque Valencia sector, located west of the capital of Carabobo. The chief officer Oscar Hernández was wounded there.

The PNB requested reinforcement and a commission from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) was added, who were deployed in the sector.

That same Saturday, criminals surrounded a Cicpc commission that was patrolling the La Montañita sectors and part of José Félix Rivas, Petare. Given this situation, agents of the PNB and the Bolivarian National Guard went to the site to attend to the situation. No injuries were reported.

Security organizations are attentive to the outbreaks of violence unleashed in Petare by members of the gang founded by Wilexis Acevedo Monasterios (El Wilexis), who murdered two young people last Monday in the neighborhood of April 19. The Wilexis wants to expand its domains to other sectors of Petare other than José Félix Rivas where it has its operations center.


On the other hand, last Thursday, August 11, passersby located two bodies shot on the road that leads to the Laberinto sector, Jesús María Semprun municipality, border of Zulia and Colombia.

One of the bodies corresponds to the chief officer of the PNB Oswaldo Ramírez Nava (32), assigned to the Victim Protection Brigade. The Public Ministry opened an investigation to clarify the double homicide.

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