Three people were accused of beating a car attendant from Las Piedras

The policeman, who was delighted with medical certification, was formalized as perpetrator of the crime. While his cousin was charged as a co-author, according to the prosecutor of the case, Alejandro Sastre, at a press conference reported by Underlined (Channel 10).

“The aggression was tremendous, it was an element that the judge considered to place the precautionary measure of pretrial detention for the two men for 150 days“said the prosecutor.

While the woman arrested (girlfriend of the police officer) was charged as an accomplice by judge Annabele Gatto de Souza of the Las Piedras court.

The facts

According to the head of the Departmental Police of Canelones, Víctor Trezza, told The Observerthe beating of the car attendant was an attempt to “righteousness into one’s own hand” in the early hours of last Sunday.

“It was for a theft that there was of which there were no complaints, a vehicle breakdown where two jackets were stolen“, he commented.

When the defendants today left the dance and found out about the situation “They went to look for the car attendant”.

Prosecutor Sastre contributed to the case that “there were three eyewitnesses, one went to separate, received a bottle and had to leave. One of the defendants tried to prevent them from separating“.

The car attendant has a slight improvementbut he is still in the CTI of a health center in Montevideo, according to the victim’s brother.

“My brother is still in a very delicate state, he had a slight improvement. But he has possible loss of vision in one eye and a compromised vertebra“He added about the health of the car attendant.

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